A new world of steel

Unknowingly we trust infrastructural structures like bridges, floodgates and dams. Because of economical and social value there is an obligation to maintain and control these structures in order to guarantee the operational reliability and safety for the long term. Due to intensive usage the impact of maintenance should be at a minimum.

These are the challenges we face everyday and that inspire us to get the best results. At Hollandia Services, we ensure that complex constructions are top condition and enduring, so everybody can safely use the object and rely on their availability. 

Forward thinking 

With every maintenance job it is essential that we asses the situation properly. Careful maintenance prevents that constructions are out of service for longer periods of time. For this reason we already develop solutions for future challenges.

Continuos investments in our expert line of business provides us with the technology and resources we need to deliver on the highest level. Through the years we specialized in the most complex technology of moving waterworks, therefore we posses the expert knowledge in mechanical, electrical and hydraulic drive technologies.

Together with the client we develop cost efficient maintenance strategies that allows us to take the overall responsibility: from engineering to completion. 

Inspection & maintenance

Our innovative approach guarantees continuity and extends the durability of infrastructural works. We are in the position to offer the total service with an integrated mechanical, electrical and hydraulic maintenance program. For the client this results in one responsible party.

Renovation projects 

Pre investments in design and preparations of renovations gives our project managers the advantage to control quality, safety and costs. We return a construction in top condition without unnecessary inconvenience for the client and end-users.

Failures and Emergencies

In the event of a failure or damage our clients can rely on our adequate approach en immediate action. Our 24-hour breakdown service and specific expertise we limit possible implications to a minimum.